Spiroergometry in Sports

With the help of spiroergometry one can determine the endurance abilities of athletes and make statements about the energy metabolism within changing intensities. The results serve as a measure of performance development and guidance for training optimization in both general and competitive sports. This course combines theory and practice to optimally teach you the areas of application and possibilities of spiroergometry. At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge of the underlying physiological processes and measurements as well as the competence to independently select suitable test protocols, to perform spiroergometry and to give targeted feedback on the training condition based on the results.

570 Euros
520 Euros (reduced price for students and trainees)

  • Endurance performance diagnostics
  • Basics of muscle metabolism
  • Kinetics of spirometric parameters
  • 9-panel plot according to Wassermann
  • Training Area Analysis
  • Training control based on the results
  • Loading protocols
  • Application Guidelines
  • Equipment customer and software training


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Course time: all day

Registration deadline: 4 weeks prior to the event (later registration only possible if there are remaining seats)

TUM Campus im Olympiapark

Proof of basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology and training theory (details see target group of the course) 

Target group:
sports and health students, sports teachers, sport scientists, physiotherapists, coaches and interested people

Language of Instruction:

at least 5 participants

Course instructor:
Dr. Fabian Stöcker

Course language:

S&H Certificate "Spiroergometry in Sports" 

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