Continuing Education Courses


According to the hygiene concepts and protective measurements by the TUM, on-site courses can currently take place as planned.


Recommendation for masks

Until further notice, TUM has issued a clear and urgent recommendation to wear an FFP2-mask in all TUM premises, if the minimum distance of 1.5 m between two persons cannot be maintained.

We ask all participants to conduct a Corona self-test for their own protection and for the protection of their fellow human beings before the beginning of the event.

We would be pleased if you would support our efforts for a healthy co-operation, so that a common course experience is possible and the on-site operation can be maintained.

Dates 2022

September 2022:     
Training in Childhood and Youth - online 19.09.2022  
Sports Reha Trainer - hybrid as of 22.09.2022  
Functional Anatomy and Physiologyonline as of 22.09.2022  
Fitness Trainer B-License (Modul A-C) - hybrid as of 24.09.2022  
Coaching Sports Nutritionhybrid 24./25.09.2022  
Coaching in Health Professions - online 26.-28.09.2022  
October 2022:     
Instructor Multimodal Stress Management  - online 05.10+29.10.2022  
Fitness Trainer B-License (Modul B) - hybrid (...waiting list) 14.+16.10.2022  
Therapeutical Climbing - Behaviour and Experience  - presence 21.-23.10.2022  
Mental & Physical Health - online as of 14.10.2022  
Course Instructor (advanced) Multimodal Stress Management - online 22./23.10.2022  
Fitness Trainer B-License (Modul C) -  hybrid (...waiting list) 22.+23.10.2022  
Functional Training B-License - hybrid 29./30.10.2022  
November 2022:    
Functional Training A-License - presence 05./06.2022  
Athletics Coach in Sports Games - hybrid 05./06.11.2022  
Training Design - online 08.+10.11.2022  
Course Instructor Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) - online 11.+18.11.2022  
Pain management  - presence 12./13.11.2022  
Baby and Toddler Swimming - presence 19./20.11.2022  
Fascial Training in Sports and Prevention - presence 26./27.11.2022  
Corporate Health Management - hybrid as of 26.11.2022  
December 2022:    
Kinesiological Taping - presence 02./03.12.2022  
Start-up, Marketing and Law - presence 09./10.12.2022  
Applied Muscle Function Diagnostics - presence 10./11.12.2022  
March 2023:     
Course Instructor Autogenic Training (AT) - presence 21.-23.03.2023