This course imparts the basic principles of the functional anatomy and physiology and training theory. It is suited for both newcomer in the field of sport and movement offers and all, who wants to refresh or stabilize his/her knowledge.

450 Euro
430 Euro (reduced price for students and trainees)

  • Principles of anatomy and physiology
    • Terminology, axes and tiers
    • Cells, tissue and organs
    • Musculature
    • Heart and blood
    • Physiology of the nerve system
  • Functional anatomy:
    • Range of motion and degree of freedom
    • Agonists, synergists and antagonists
  • Physical basics
  • Implementation in the physical education:
    • Periodization and variation
    • Makro-, meso- and mikrocyclization
    • Components and development of performance
    • Training principles

Course dates: 21.09. - 06.10.2023

21.09.2023 (online: introductory event Zoom - in the evening)

21.09.- 06.10.2023 (teaching material + -videos via Moodle)

05.10.2023 (Zoom Meeting - in the evening)

06.10.2023 (online exam)


Registration deadline: 4 weeks prior to the event (later registration only possible if there are remaining seats!)

  • none

Target group:
newcomer and returner in sport facilities

Language of Instruction:

min. 10 participants

Dr. Thorsten Schulz, Fabian Stöcker


S&H Certificate “Functional anatomy and physiology - Basic knowledge” after successful participation

Additional information:
This course is a part of the Fitness trainer B-license (module A). The module can be booked separately and possibly at a later participation at the course “fitness trainer B-license” recognized. 

Is there no announced date for this course, is the course booked out, or does the date not suit you? You can put your name on the list of prospects without any obligation and you will be contacted as soon as a new course date is announced.