Fitness Trainer B-License

This course conveys theoretical and practical knowledge and therefore enables and qualifies its participants to give professional instructions in resistance and endurance training. Within four events (Modules A1+A2, B, and C) a total of 80 units of instruction will be completed. Degree course contents are acknowledged for sport/health science students (3rd semester) as well as graduates and alumni (Diplom, bachelor, master) in place of Module A. The training will be finished off by a written examination and a short demonstration lesson.


Module A - C: 1090 Euros
950 Euros (reduced fee for students and trainees)
Module A: 460 Euros
440 Euros (reduced fee for students and trainees)
Module B - C: 670 Euros
550 Euros (reduced fee for students and trainees)

The examination fee is included. In case of reexamination an additional 49 Euros will be charged.

Module A1

  • Basics in anatomy
  • Basics in physiology

Module A2

  • Physiology of the nervous system
  • Introduction to training science
  • Physical basic in biomechanics

Exam: Written test

Module B

  • Resistance training
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Foam Rolling
  • Mobilisation/ Stretching
  • Regeneration
  • Adaptation processes

Module C

  • Endurance
  • Cordination
  • Speed training
  • Nutrition
  • Customer management

Exam: Demonstration lesson + written exam

Spring courses:

Module A:

09. march 2023                        
09. march - 24. march 2023
23. march 2023
(online: introduction zoom meeting - evening)                       
(teaching videos via Lernplattform Moodle)
(Zoom Meeting - evening)
Exam Module A: 24. march 2023 (online exam)
Module B: 21. april 2023
+ 23. april 2023
(Zoom Meeting, approx. 2 hours evening)
(Teching videos + on-site)
Module C: 06. + 07. may 2023 (Teching videos + on-site)
Exam Module B+C: 07. may 2023 (on-site)


Summer courses:

Module B: 16. june 2023
+ 18. june 2023
(Zoom Meeting, approx. 2 hours evening)
(Teching videos + on-site)
Module C: 24. + 25. june 2023 (Teching videos + on-site)
Exam Module B+C: 25. june 2023 (on-site)


Teaching vidoes of both module B and C are available a few days in advance! The exact schedule depends on the infection situation and the corresponding hygiene concept. Detailed information about the exact attendance and zoom times will be sent to you at least 3 weeks before the course starts.



Registration deadline: 4 weeks prior to the event


(later registration possible if there are remaining seats)

TUM Campus Olympiapark

  • None
  • Degree course contents of sport/health science or PE students and graduates will be acknowledged in place of Module A.

Target group:
Sport/health science students, PE instructors, sport scientists, physical therapists, coaches and anyone interested

Language of Instruction:

min. 20 participants

Dr. Thorsten Schulz, Dr. Lutz Herdener, Fabian Stöcker, Tobias Borucker


"S&H Fitness Trainer B-License" certificate after successful completion of all modules

Is there no announced date for this course, is the course booked out, or does the date not suit you? You can put your name on the list of prospects without any obligation and you will be contacted as soon as a new course date is announced.