Scientifically substantiated expertise in the fields of sports nutrition and coaching as well as professional training planning form the basis of the modular Fitness Trainer A license. Depending on your individual interests, you can also choose one event each from the areas of fitness training and health training.


  • Certification "Fitness Trainer B-License"
  • Participation requirements of the individual modules can be found in the announcement of the modules / events

* If the Fitness Trainer B license has been purchased externally - not via "TUM Sports and Health for Life" - please submit it to us in advance for the exam.

Target group:
Sport and health science students, PE teachers, sport scientists, physical therapists, coaches and anyone interested

Language of Instruction:

Dr. Thorsten Schulz, Dr. Lutz Herdener, Dr. Fabian Stöcker, Tobias Borucker, Dr. Hande Hofmann, Christopher Mächel

S&H Certificate „Fitness Trainer A-License“

The individual event can be visited independently within 3 years. Once all modules have been completed, you can submit the copies of the individual certificates to us and receive the "Fitness Trainer A-License" certificate.

The registration is via the individual modules / events.