Training with children and adolescents is associated with uncertainty for many therapists, trainers and exercise leaders. Again and again questions like:

At what age can training begin?
Is it safe and effective?
What and how can be trained in the different stages of development?
Based on the latest scientific findings, this course provides detailed answers so that training programmes for children and young people can then be created and implemented. This specialist knowledge is of great importance both for therapy in practice and for supervision in sports clubs.

Taking into account the biological age and gender (relevant from puberty onwards), the training of all basic motor characteristics (mobility, coordination, strength, speed and endurance) with their respective subtypes is discussed in detail. The aim is to achieve an age-appropriate and gender-specific varied training of physical abilities and to lay the foundation for later sporting specialisations.

The differences in training for different age groups are demonstrated via video sequences. The participants also receive elaborated training programmes that serve as a template and can be individually adapted.

270 Euro
240 Euro (reduced fee for students and trainees)

  • Fitness tests for children and teenagers
  • Developmental stages from childhood to adulthood and their significance for training control
  • Exercise Deficit Disorder - a clinical picture of the current generation
  • Training of mobility, coordination, strength, speed and endurance
  • Age-appropriate training equipment and training programme
  • Demonstration of different training methods via video sequences


Experience from sports practice as well as knowledge of training and movement theory are required.

Target group:
Students of sports and health sciences, sports and health scientists, sports and physiotherapists, fitness trainers, sports coaches, exercise instructors and interested parties, teachers

Language of Instruction:

min. 7 participants

Course instructor:
Patrick Hartmann



S&H Certificate "Training in Childhood and Youth" after successful participation

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