Current information on the ZPP certification

What is the ZPP (Central Testing Center for Prevention)?

The Central Testing Center for Prevention (ZPP) is a cooperative association of statutory health insurance companies with the aim of ensuring the quality of prevention courses.
It certifies prevention courses and awards the "German Prevention Standard" seal of approval if the test is successful. If course providers have entered their course there, the course participants can apply to the health insurance companies for a (partial) refund of the fee. This seal is awarded in four fields of action - exercise, nutrition, stress management / relaxation and addictive substance use.


A course leader can create the so-called course concept himself or can fall back on given concepts that are integrated into the further training. A given concept means the following: We have stored the lesson plans and training materials required for the courses at the ZPP, so that you no longer have to do this. You choose our concept, upload your evidence of the minimum standards and the program briefing and after a few more details you're done.

Please note that the tested concept does not mean that you will be recognized as a course leader without further tests at the ZPP. The ZPP first checks whether you can provide evidence of the so-called minimum standards.

Courses and course concepts do NOT receive permanent recognition. This only applies to provider qualification. Courses and course concepts must be recertified every three years. The course content (course documents) including meaningful lesson plans and, if applicable, program instructions must be submitted with each test application.

Preliminary check at the ZPP

You can register with the ZPP and apply for an examination of your specialist skills in the relevant areas of medicine, education, psychology, exercise, nutrition, stress, addiction and research methods and practical skills in a prevention principle and thus find out in advance whether you generally have a good chance of being certified as a course instructor. Depending on what is recognized for you, you can assess whether it makes sense for you to acquire additional skills if you only lack a few specialist skills.

Missing specialist skills can be supplemented by the following further education and training courses at TUM Sport and Health for Life: Fitness trainer B-license, training design, endurance training, coaching sports nutrition;

1. Recognition as a course leader in accordance with the Prevention Guidelines

Initiate registration on the "Quality Portal for Prevention Courses" and ZPP examination of your qualification (e.g. studies, training) as a course leader
Any skills that are still missing can be acquired with the courses offered by TUM Sport and Health for Life.
Basically, the ZPP checks the qualification as a course leader for the prevention principle in the corresponding field of action. The fields of action and prevention principles require specialist skills, which must be at least 60% acquired through state-recognized vocational training and / or academic courses. (see "Prevention guidelines" from p. 93 ff.)

2. Certification of the prevention course concept

Instruction in the prevention course concept for courses TUM Sport and Health for Life with the addition "ZPP certified"
Upload and release on the "Quality Portal for Prevention Courses"
Detailed information on ZPP

This ZPP certification is valid for 3 years and must be recertified afterwards.

The deviation from the obligation to be present due to the pandemic could be provided digitally by December 31, 2022. Accordingly, from 2023 there will be an obligation to be present for additional qualifications and course concept briefings for the procedures autogenic training and PMR (as of May 19, 2022).

From January 1, 2023, program briefings may also officially be held as live online transmissions for the course leaders.

Instead of demonstrating 32 teaching units for the procedures of progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training and stress management as a specialist qualification, as was previously the case, 60 hours of time in the respective procedure and a further 30 hours in the area of ​​general trainer qualification are now required.

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Test criteria for the certification of course offerings.

Provider qualification and competences in the prevention guideline

Leading courses is also possible without ZPP course instructor recognition

Of course, it is possible to offer courses without ZPP recognition: Certification with ZPP only allows your course participants to have part (up to 80%, depending on the health insurance company) of the course fees reimbursed by their own health insurance company.