Welcome to the Associate Professorship of Conservative and Rehabilitative Orthopaedics

Our work focuses on developing and optimizing non-surgical treatment options for people with pathologies of the musculoskeletal system as well as those aiming to recover functionality after surgery. The aim of our work is to create more effective, faster and more economical courses of therapy while reducing the need for surgical intervention. To that end, we catpure and analyze images of movement and are active in the field of shoe development.

Latest News

Am 26. und 27. März findet die CONNECT 2021 statt. Dies ist der dritte internationale Kongress zur Faszienforschung in der Sportmedizin und wird von unserem Lehrstuhl ausgerichtet. ExpertInnen aus aller Welt werden Vorträge über die neuesten Erkenntnisse zum Thema Faszien und... [more]

The article „Limb movement, coordination and muscle activity during a cross-coordination movement on a stable and unstable surface“ by the authors Torsten Pohl, Torsten Brauner, Scott Wearing and Thomas Horstmann, has been published in the Journal Gait &... [more]

The article „ The Stiffness Comparison Test: A pilot study to determine inter-individual differences in palpatory skill related to gender, age, and occupation-related experience “ by the authors Katja Maria Bartsch, Robert Schleip, Alberto Zullo, Kerstin Hoppe and Werner Klingler,... [more]

On the 26th and 27th March 2021 our Professorship of Conservative and Rehabilitative Orthopedics in cooperation with the Fascia Research Society will host the 3rd CONNECT Congress focusing on the connective tissue in sports medicine. Therefore, we could attract 14 national and... [more]

The article „ Integrating mental imagery and fascial tissue: A conceptualization for research into movement and cognition. “ by the authors Amit Abraham, Eric Franklin, Carla Stecco and Robert Schleip, has been published in the Journal Complementary Therapies in Clinical... [more]

The article „ Do Progressive Sensorimotor Training Devices Produce A Graded Increase in Centre of Mass Displacement During Unipedal Balance Exercises in Athletes“ by the authors Nina Gras, Torsten Brauner, Scott Wearing and Thomas Horstmann, has been published in the Journal... [more]

In addition our department will be hosting an exchange meeting of active researchers with a focus on the therapeutic modality of Structural Integration on October 15, 2020. The meeting will be attended by participants from all over the world and will be chaired by Dr. Robert... [more]

Our department will be hosting a 2-day exchange meeting of active fascia researchers October 16-17, 2020. The meeting will be attended by participants from inside and outside of Europe and will be co-chaired by Prof. Thomas Horstmann and Dr. Robert Schleip. [more]

All employees of the Chair of Conservative and Rehabilitative Orthopaedics are in home office for the time being. For this reason, there will be no office hours or telephone consultation. You can reach the chair team for student purposes by e-mail. You can find further... [more]

From 05-20-2019 to 07-19-2019, Prof. Scott Wearing will come to our chair once more. He will be active in research and teaching during these weeks again. We look forward to further cooperation with him!   Link to Prof. Dr. Wearings profile at the QUT Publications ... [more]