Knee- and Hip exercises groups

The Knee- and Hip- exercise groups are designed for patients with arthrosis in their knee/hip- joint or artificial joint replacement (endoprosthesis). They are for those who want to take preventative or rehabilitative measures to maintain or improve their health, based on the advice of their physician.

To this end, targeted training is carried out in small groups. In addition to muscle training, exercises on coordination and balance training as well as on mobility training of gait and everyday motor skills are performed. The exercise groups are led and supervised by therapeutically experienced and specially qualified sports science graduates. The training is based on current scientific findings established in collaboration with theAssociate Professorship of Conservative and Rehabilitative Orthopaedics of the TUM, under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Horstmann. The training programs are constantly being created and updated.

Knee and hip sport lessons take place once a week (60 min.). The content of the individual units builds over the sessions and covers a range of topics. The course fee is €95,-- and will be reimbursed, to varying degrees, by health insurance. In the future, the courses will be offered on a continuous and year-round basis. For more information, please contact


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