Chair for Conservative and Rehabilitative Orthopaedics


The Chair of Conservative and Rehabilitative Orthopedics was founded in 2011 and is one of the younger extensions of the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at the Technical University of Munich. Prof. Dr. med. Horstmann, has been the chair of the department since it was established.

Our research focuses on the development and optimization of non-surgical treatment options for people with pathologies of the musculoskeletal system as well as those aiming to recover functionality after surgery. The aim of our work is to create more effective, faster and more economical courses of therapy while reducing the need for surgical intervention.

Our research involves capturing and analyzing running and other movement. We are also active in the field of shoe development. Our research methods include clinical gait and movement analysis, EMG measurements, exercise monitoring, medical exercise and movement therapy, as well as sensorimotor training.

The chair works closely with QUT (Queensland University of Technology) and the BG Trauma Clinic in Murnau on international and national projects. We also have a close partnership with the "Kuratorium für Prävention und Rehabilitation" for Prevention and Rehabilitation. Together, we have developed knee- and hip- exercise programs which are both preventative and rehabilitative by nature.