Research Areas

1. Preventative Therapy

  • Fall prevention using sensorimotor training
  • “Exergames” to encourage activity in older patients 
  • Evaluation of prevention programs in various areas of application

2. Conservative Therapy

  • „Prehabilitation“ – Evaluation of preoperative training and therapy 
  • Expansion of hip-exercise groups (TUM Board of Trustees) 
  • Conservative therapy methods for orthopedic diseases
  • Dose-response relationship in sensorimotor training

3. Rehabilitative Therapy

  • Evaluation of various postoperative training methods
  • Biofeedback to improve the range and quality of movements
  • Development of mobile training devices for everyday use following in-patient rehabilitation
  • Use of "Exergames" across various phases of rehabilitation
  • Evaluation of subjective scores regarding patient-reported postoperative pain and degree of function
  • Construction of a gait laboratory in the Medical Park St. Hubertus Hospital, Bad Wiessee