Chair of Performance Analysis and Sports Informatics

The chair of Performance Analysis and Sports Informatics conducts research in the fields of training and competition. Our main areas of study are the structure of performance in game (team) sports and the development of tools and methods from information technology to support top level sports.

Our range of subjects covers:

We cooperate with top level teams and athletes, clubs and federations, technology and media companies as well as providers and users of sports data.


Die Frage, wie technische Hilfsmittel - z.B. der Videoschiedsrichter - im Fußball eingesetzt werden sollen, gehört aktuell zu den meistdiskutiertesten Themen des Profisports. Zu diesem und anderen Aspekten des Schiedsrichterwesens richtete der portugiesische Fußballverband am 29. Juni 2019... [more]

Prof. Dr. Martin Lames ist weiterhin Präsident der International Association of Computer Science in Sport. Der Ordinarius des Lehrstuhls für Trainingswissenschaft und Sportinformatik der Technischen Universität München wurde auf der Jahrestagung der Vereinigung in Moskau bis 2021 im Amt bestätigt.... [more]

Vom 8. bis zum 10. Juli 2019 fand in Moskau, Russland, das 12. Internationale Symposium der Sportinformatik statt. Das alle zwei Jahre stattfindende Symposium behandelt das Einsatzfeld mathematischer und informatischer Modelle und Anwendungen auf Probleme der Sportwissenschaft. [more]

Performance of top-clubs is negatively affected by player delegations to World Championships. [more]

The 12th World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport (WCPAS XII) was held by the International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport in Opatija, Croatia. The chair was successfully represented by PD Dr. Daniel Link (Keynote) and Dr. Otto Kolbinger. [more]

The Chair of Training Science and Sports Informatics participated in a third-party funded project by Google. Together with Spiegel Online and the Institute for Game Analysis, the team of Full Professor Dr. Martin Lames develops new drafts for the reporting of news. "The aim of the project is to... [more]

The 11th World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport (WCPAS XI) was held by the International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport (ISPAS) at the Universidad de Alicante. Otto Kolbinger and Florian Korte gave insights on their works about technological umpiring aids and network analysis in... [more]

The 10th International Symposium of Computer Science in Sport took place on September 9-11 2015 in Loughborough, UK. The bi-annual Symposium highlights both theoretical and applied work in the field of Computer Science in Sport. [more]

Using Methods of Performance Analysis to evaluate the Benefits, Costs and (Side) Effects of new Technologies that support Umpires, like replay review or goal line technology, in Game Sports. [more]

The 21st ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining took place from the 10th to 13th of August2015 in Sydney. This conference series is one of the most important events of the international computer science community. As a part of this conference a satellite workshop on Large-Scale... [more]