New Postdoc at the Chair of Human Movement Science

Philipp Gulde is rejoining the Chair of Human Movement Science. After finishing his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Joachim Hermsdörfer, he spent three post-doc years at the Center for Clinical Neuroplasticity, Medical Park Loipl (Medical Park SE), a neurorehabilitation facility.

In collaboration with TUM, he and his former supervisor, Prof. Peter Rieckmann, conducted research concerning sensorimotor function in multiple sclerosis and published on assessment, associations with self-reports like quality of life, and implemented a longitudinal sensorimotor assessment routine for all patients on the basis of smartphone incorporated sensor-systems. Now, Philipp is returning to pursue his academic career at the Technical University of Munich. He will also keep tight bonds with the Center for Clinical Neuroplasticity in order to further foster research and its implementation into clinical practice.