Bachelors and Masters students that wish to work on thesis projects in the Neuromuscular Diagnostics group can contact Prof. Franklin or one of the other members of the group by email. We always have scientific questions that could be investigated as part of a thesis project, and can formulate a new project depending on the interests of the students. Most our our projects involve examining human motor control using a robotic manipulandum, and many would require some learning of Matlab in order to perform analysis. We are also happy to supervise students with their own project plans as long as they fall into our expertise.

Currently we have specific projects that we are searching for motivated students to be involved in as a thesis project. Many of these could be either performed at the Bachelors or the Masters level.

List of current topics

Temporal formation of motor memories in bimanual movements (6 theses)

Feedback control of visually guided reaching (4 theses)

Investigation of sensory information required for coordination of an inverted pendulum

Is context relevant in a motor skill learning?

Adaptation to novel sensory information when coordinating an inverted pendulum

Is this your hand or it isn’t? Can visual cues change the hand representation?

Can visuomotor reflexes be present when the hand is not moving?

How properties of mechanical channels affect arm kinetics during force-field adapted reaches?

Does strength of contextual cues in motor learning depend on the complexity of the task? (4 theses)

Effect of reward on learning and accuracy.

Selected topics in human sensorimotor control (4 theses)