We are looking for participants to take part in experiments involving:

  • moving in virtual reality
  • interacting with robot interfaces
  • lifting small objects
  • and related motor tasks

All of the experiments are non-invasive and have been approved by the TUM Ethics Committee.


In order to take part you must:

  • be right-handed
  • be aged 18-45
  • have normal vision or wear glasses that make your vision normal
  • have no neurological or other problems that affect your control of movement
  • have a good understanding of English
  • Be a TUM or LMU student

Experiments last between 1 and 4 hours (most are 2 hours)

Many experiments have an honorarium of 8 Euro per hour 

Registering with the Experiment System

Registering to take part is through the TUM Sport and Health Science web-based automated system. In order to register please click on this link:

Register for Experiments Here

After registering you will be able to look for and sign up to individual studies on the system.

Sign up for Studies

After registering, to sign up for experiments click on this link:

Sign Up Here


All of our experiments take place in our laboratory (M314) unless stated differently. Each experiment will indicate the number of the laboratory room in the Department of Sports and Health Sciences, Technical University of Munich. Uptown München-Campus D Georg-Brauchle-Ring 60/62 D-80992 München