B.Sc. Sport science

Due to the continuous development of degree programs offered by the department of Health and Sport Sciences, the course previously entitled "Scientific Principles of Sport" has been fundamentally revised. Beginning in the winter semester of 2014/2015, the course of studies will be offered under the name of "Sport Science" with optimized contents the newly adjusted suitability evaluation procedures.

The new handbooks for this module as well as all information can be found on this page. For students of the previous Bachelor in the Scientific Principles of Sports, the following is valid: Naturally you can continue your course of studies in the originally offered version. Information about the study regulations, modular handbooks, etc. can still be found in the Download section on this page.

The Bachelor program in Sport Science is divided into three study phases. The first three semesters will focus on acquiring basic knowledge necessary for success in the field of Sport and Exercise Science. In the fourth semester students will take part in a vocational internship which is designed to gain professional skills in the sports industry. Finally, in the fifth and sixth semesters, students will individually plan their own in-depth sport scientific phase, which culminates in a Bachelor's Thesis written in the sixth semester.

In this course of study, several compulsory modules will be carried out exclusively in the English language. With this experience, German-speaking students will be better prepared to carry out international activities in the future. Furthermore, studying at the TUM will be made more accessible for foreign students.

More detailed information on the individual modules can be found in the module manuals, these can be accessed using the manual (German and English).

This course of study is carried out primarily in the German language, and thus requires advanced knowledge of the German language, see Language Certificates.

The lectures and examinations in this course of studies are offered both in the German and English languages. Of the 34 modules, 17 modules are held entirely in the German language, 12 modules have both German and English components, and 5 are held entirely in the English language.

For application, both German and English language proficiency is required. Further information for international applicants.

All information about the application can be found here.

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