Five new members join our team again

Since April, our team has grown by four new interns. In addition, a new student assistant joined our team in May. Welcome to the team Viktoriia Dudko, Fiona Hieninger, Max Buchner, Niklas Mohr & Julian Brummer.

Viktoriia Dudko completed her Bachelor's degree in Nutrtitional Sciences at the TUM campus in Freising and is currently studying for a Master's degree in Nutrition and Biomedicine at the same campus. Following her work at the Department of Molecular Nutritional Medicine (TUM), she has now been completing her research internship with us at the professorship since April on the topic of "Reductions in energy expenditure following preservation of fat free mass during weight loss (RED EX)".
Viktoriia answered the question why she decided to do the research internship at our Professorship as following: "A conscious nutrition and physical activities play an increasing role in our society and have additionally a high scientific value. As part of the research internship with Professorship of Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health, I would like to explore the effects of nutrition and activity interventions on metabolism and body composition, with the goal of maintaining and promoting human health."

Also since April, Fiona Hieninger, Max Buchner and Niklas Mohr have all been completing their internship semester with us as part of their bachelor's degree in sports science at TUM. The internship does not only take place at the Professorship for Exercise, Nutrition and Health - it is a cooperation between our Professorship and the Olympic Training Center Bavaria. The three interns primarily support the ESSENTIAL project.


The ESSENTIAL project is a cooperation project between the Chair of Physical Exercise, Nutrition and Health and the Olympic Base Bavaria, as well as the German Tennis Federation (DTB), the German Ski Association (DSV), the German Taekwondo Union (DTU) and the Bobsleigh and Sledding Association for Germany (BSD).
The aim of the project is to develop and establish sport-specific and evidence-based nutrition programs for national high-performance sports. The aim is to provide athletes with an optimal supply of energy, fluids and nutrients. This in turn has a direct impact on the performance, regeneration and adaptability as well as the long-term health of the athletes.
To support the project, three students of the Bachelor of Sports Science are completing their practical semester at the Professorship of Exercise, Nutrition and Health. Fiona Hieninger, Niklas Mohr and Max Buchner act as an interface between the associations and the Professorship.  During the internship, the interns survey the status quo of nutritional situations in the different sports, create workshops and other materials to support the athletes in their everyday nutrition.

Since May, Julian Brummer has also been supporting our team as a student assistant. Julian is currently studying for his Master's degree in "Health Science" at the TUM. Before, he completed his psychology studies at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. Julian will support our team in various research projects, but mainly he will work together with Dr. Christoph Höchsmann on his research fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.