Prof. Köhler, Dr. Wasserfurth and Helena Engel at the Annual Meeting of the American College of Sport Medicine

Prof. Köhler during his Tutorial Lecture
Prof. Köhler, Prof. Sale, Dr. Wasserfurth, Helena Engel

At this year's annual meeting of the American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM) in San Diego from May 31 - June 3 (, our team was represented with a total of three talks.

The annual congress of the American College of Sport Medicine always presents the latest findings in sports science and sports medicine. The internationally acknowledged event brings together science and practice with the annual congress: ACSM attendees have the opportunity to participate in educational sessions, networking events and much more.

Together with Dr. Jose Areta from Liverpool John Moores University, Prof. Köhler gave a tutorial lecture on "Energy Availability in the Lab and in the Field: Best Practice Solutions for Quantification and Manipulation."

Dr. Wasserfurth and Helena Engel were selected to each present in the session on "Energy Metabolism and Exercise." The session was led by Prof. Craig Sale  of the Manchester Metropolitain University (see photo). Dr. Wasserfurth gave her presentation on "Seasonal Changes In Body Composition And Risk For Low Energy Availability In Competitive Triathletes." The title of Helena Engel's talk was "Energy Balance And Body Composition In Elite Alpine Skiers During Training At Altitude And Across The Competitive Season."

For our team, it was not only an honor to contribute to the meeting with a total of three talks. Also, the exchange with other sports scientists and sports researchers after over a two-years pause due to Covid was a great pleasure and represents an important part of our research endeavour.