Invitation to our "Colloquium on sensorimotor control" Online via Zoom, January 21st, 2021, 5:15pm

Dr. Andreas Rothgangel, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences Heerlen, Research Centre for Nutrition, Lifestyle and Exercise, NL "Patient Centered Telerehabilitation (PACT): Using traditional and digital mirror therapy to treat phantom limb pain following amputation"


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Phantom limb pain following amputation occurs in up to 70% of all patients. In recent years, the potential of non-pharmacological interventions such as mirror therapy have been explored in phantom pain treatment. In order to achieve sustainable effects through mirror therapy, those affected usually have to train independently over a longer period of time. Digital health applications can be used in the context of patient self-management to increase training intensity. As part of the Patient Centered Telerehabilitation (PACT) project, a clinical framework and a digital health application for mirror therapy were developed and their effects and feasibility were evaluated in clinical practice. In this presentation, the results of the PACT project will be presented.
The results of the PACT study show that a careful, systematic and user-centered study design and development of the interventions does not automatically lead to a high adherence and effects in routine care. The implementation of novel complex interventions in clinical practice, in particular, technology-driven interventions, remains challenging as many different aspects besides the delivered intervention such as user characteristics and skills influence their adoption. Thus, for successful implementation the content of the treatment as well as the ratio of face-to-face and digital interventions needs to be tailored to the needs, preferences and characteristics of individual patients and therapists.