Preannouncement: 12th Munich Muscle Meeting, 15.12.2020 16-18 h Guest speaker: Prof. Dr. Stefano Schiaffino, University of Padova

Prof. Dr. Stefano Schiaffino

Dear Munich Muscle Researchers and others,
Because of COVID-19, the next Munich Muscle Meeting will again be a Zoom meeting. Whilst this is disappointing, we are absolutely delighted to announce that Prof. Dr. Stefano Schiaffino will be the main speaker on “Fiber types in skeletal muscle: from antiomyosin antibodies to single fiber proteomics”. His talk will include a brief historical retrospective and then move to the perspectives opened by novel approaches, such as single fiber proteomics and single myonuclei RNA-seq. Stefano Schiaffino is a legend in muscle research with many stand out findings especially in relation to the characterization of muscle fibres as well as mechanisms of muscle adaptation to exercise. He is now an emeritus Professor at the Venetian Institute of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padova (Italy) but a very research-active emeritus Professor as his talk will show!

In addition to the talk by Prof. Schiaffino, there are slots for three more 15 min talks (5 min questions which can be submitted via the chat function). Please e-mail Martin Schönfelder ( with title and a mini abstract. Also, we aim to produce a  Munich Muscle Meeting newsletter. To subscribe please send an e-mail to  

Best wishes,
Martin Schönfelder & Henning Wackerhage