Personality development - soft skills training

Soft skills for hard work

Whether in studies, at work or in private life: the so-called "soft skills" such as communication and time management are often neglected, even though they are so crucial: in medicine, for example, it is assumed that 70% of all mistakes are due to soft skills, not to a lack of knowledge or skills.

In this seminar we focus on soft skills. Two interactive days full of feedback methods, stress management strategies, communication tools and time management ideas.

Participation fee:
385 Euro
350 Euro (reduced price for pupils, students and trainees)


  • Giving feedback, taking feedback
  • Communicate in a goal-oriented way
    • What are the most important basic rules for a successful conversation?
    • How do I get the information I want?
    • How do I work out joint solutions with my counterpart by asking clever questions?
    •  How do I recognise typical communication patterns and how do I react to them?
    • How can I de-escalate difficult situations?
  • Mastering challenging situations
    • Which situations challenge me?
    • Which methods help me before, during and after the situation?
  • Confident use of the resource "time"
    • Where has it gone, my time?
    • What tricks can I use to improve my time management?

Date: ...more information follow
Time: 2-day block seminar


Registration deadline: 4 weeks prior to the event (later registration only possible if there are remaining seats)

TUM Campus im Olympiapark


Target group:

  • Students who are about to start their careers
  • Graduates who have already gained their first practical experience
  • Interested persons who would like to further their education in the field of personal training / personnel development

Language of Instruction:

at least 8 persons

Course instructor:
Wiebke Hähl

16 UE

S&H Certificate "Personality Development-Soft Skills Training

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