Outdoor against Cancer - Advanced Trainer Education

Advanced education for exercises with cancer patients. According to current figures from Robert Koch Institute and German Cancer Associations GEKID (Gesellschaft der epidemiologischen Krebsregister in Deutschland e.V.) there is a 50 percent- risk of getting a malignant tumor (RKI, 2015). Furthermore, over 2000 scientific studies confirm that the risk of dying of cancer can be reduced significantly for those, who do exercises at least three times a week (Kyu et al., 2016; Holmes et al., 2005; McTiernan et al., 2003). In addition, sport has also an impact on cancer patients: Besides low side effects during therapy and a better mental state, there is an up to 40 percent lower risk of relapse (Lehmann et al., 2016; Sternfeld et al., 2009). Sport strengthens not only the musculature, but is also responsible for a better state of mind and enables patients to have a healthy trust in their body. Especially cancer patients have issues with this trust. That`s why it is even more important to make attractive and easy accessible offers of sports for this target group - regardless of age. TUM Sport and Health for Life in cooperation with OaC would like to give already certified coaches the chance to get prepared for a training with cancer patients.

325 euro
275 euro (reduced price for students and trainees)


  • Target group analysis: common cancer types and their effects during sport activities
  • Indication/contra-indication
  • Training with cancer and post-cancer: dos and don’ts
  • Fatigue, self-efficacy and self-confidence
  • Communication, attentiveness and stress management
  • Organizational matters and target group management
  • Dosage of work load and success of training session
  • Regeneration, recuperation and relaxation
  • Diet and exercise with cancer

Date and Location

Date: 06./07.04.2019 (all day)                             


Registration deadline: 4 weeks prior to the event (later registration only possible if there are remaining seats)

TUM Campus im Olympiapark

Prerequisites for Attending

  • At least exercise instructor C, Fitness trainer B-license or comparable qualifications* (basic knowledge about training theory are assumed)

*We are happy to check if other licenses can be recognized!

More Information

Target group:
Coaches with experience in outdoor sports

Language of Instruction:

10 - 20 participants

Course instructor:
Dr. Thorsten Schulz, Dietmar Gugel, Petra Thaller

1 ECTS, 16 training units

S&H Certificate "Outdoor against Cancer - advanced trainer education "


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