Mobility Trainer

This course covers the essential aspects of conceptualizing and implementation of a mobility training. Besides diagnostic and assay method there will be a variation of treatment techniques discussed and the reasons for mobility impairments revealed. The learning content will be demonstrated with concrete example cases.

390 Euros
340 Euros (reduced fee for students and trainees)

  • Causes and emergence of mobility impairments
  • Introduction of common treatment and application techniques
  • Diagnostic and assay methods of a mobility training
  • Functionality of the nervous system relating to mobility
  • Mobility training in competitive sports, fitness and exercise
  • Demonstration of the learning content in concrete example cases in the practice
  • Myths of the mobility training

Assessment of training success at the end of the course 

This course will not be offered in 2023. Further courses in this subject area are currently being planned. If you are interested, please contact us directly.


  • basic knowledge of functional anatomy

Target group:
Sport and exercise science students, PE instructors, sport scientists, physical therapists, coaches and anyone interested

Language of Instruction:

min. 8 participants

Course Instructor:
Lars Traxel, Adrian König


S&H Certificate “Mobility Trainer” after successful participation

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