Lifeguard Badge Bronze or Silver

This 2-day course includes the theoretical background and practical skills of life-saving swimming and the acquisitione of the lifesaving badge in bronze or silver.

80 Euro incl. rescue primer and certificate of the water monitors


In total 16 lessons

Theoretical training:

  • Information of the dangers on and in the water
  • Help with bathing-, boat- and ice accidents
  • Avoiding clasps and using rescue equipment

Practical training:

  • Swimming exercises with and without additional clothing
  • Transport of people in the water
  • Demonstration of rescue attempts, as well as diving and jumping.

The exam includes a written and practical part.

Date and location

Course date: to be expected in spring 2021

Course times: Tuesday + Thursday; each day from 9am - 3pm

Registration deadline: 4 weeks prior to the event (later registration only possible if there are remaining seats)


Prerequisites for attending

  • Enrolled students of the Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences
  • First aid training of at least 9 teaching units (basic education) - should not be older than 3 years. This can also be handed in later - the lifeguard certificate will be issued in this case afterwards.
  • First aid course
  • safe swimming

Please bring swimwear and swimming goggles

More information

Target group:
Students of the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences (teacher, Bachelor, Master) as well as freelance sports teachers 

Language of instruction:

10-18 participants

Course instructor:
Christine Hoffmann, TU Munich subject area swimming
Jana Feldner, instructress water monitors 

Rescue swimming badge Bronze or Silver


Is there no announced date for this course, is the course booked out, or does the date not suit you? You can put your name on the list of prospects without any obligation and you will be contacted as soon as a new course date is announced.