Chair of Sport Psychology

Translating research into interventions is a main focus at the chair of sport psychology at TUM. The areas covered are performance psychology, clinical psychology, and development and validation of assessment instruments. Traditionally, a major area of interest is motivation and volition as well as personality assessment. Recently, embodiment as well as burnout and depression have become major research areas. We employ a multi-method approach using experimental research, including neurophysiological methods as well as survey research. Cooperation with major sport and health organisations is part of the programme.



At the beginning of this winter semester “Springer” published the new textbook “Sportpsychologie- Grundlagen und Anwendungen” (“Sports psychology – foundations and applications”). In contrast to previous German textbooks, it offers a broad, but at the same time deep insight into five central thematic... [more]

Vanessa Wergin, scientific assistant at the chair of sport psychology, has been researching collective sports team collapse since 2015. The aim of the research project was to gain fundamental insights into the processes and mechanisms of the mostly unexplored phenomenon of collective team collapse.... [more]

The science slam format offers an informative, creative and fun, scientific way to present original research. The science slam is a special form of oral presentation aimed at reaching a broad audience. It takes the form of a competition. Four young researches were selected from a large number of... [more]

Mengkai Luan and Vanessa Wergin of the Chair of Sport Psychology at the TU Munich presented their current research findings at the NASPSPA conference. Mengkai Luan was part of the work group dealing with the topic “Cognitive Load”. Vanessa Wergin presented in a symposium with Svenja Wolf (University... [more]

Prof. Beckmann gave keynote on „Nature Mindset. Nature exposure in the right mind.“ at the Mindscape Summit on May 23/24 2019 at the University of Limerick /Ireland. In front of ca. 80 participants Prof. Beckmann explained contradictory findings on the effects of nature exposure with a nature mindset... [more]

This month (May 2019) the renowned English publisher Routledge releases the book “Football Psychology: From Theory to Practice” edited by Erkut Konter (Turkey), Jürgen Beckmann (Germany), and Todd M. Loughead (Canada). Presenting an empirically underpinned synthesis of research and theory, while... [more]

Prof. Beckmann gave a keynote on „the holistic development of young athletes“ at the 8th international scientific conference on „Youth in the perspective of the olympic movement“ on March 8, 2019 at the Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania. The conference comprised 78 presentations from... [more]