Lectures and Courses at the Department of Sport and Health Education

In teaching the students are made aware of the whole spectrum of educational science. The content of lectures and courses includes basics of educational science as well as methods of diagnostics and concrete results of intervention programs of research in educational science. Didactically our aim is to include in-depth expert-knowledge as well as application-oriented competences for practice.

Information about current lectures and courses at the department is to be found at TUMonline.

The workgroup is responsible for the following courses:

Degree Program: Science Education for Teaching Profession

This class aims to give an overview of the field of sports pedagogy. The first focus lies on the history of sports science and pedagogy. Using this background knowledge, central concepts such as sports pedagogy, education, upbringing, learning, sport and movement, physical education (PE) are defined and reflected. The presentation of theories and research methods in this field and the presentation of the latest research results from projects make up the main focus of this course.

Degree Program: Science Education for Teaching Profession

This module aims to give students the content and competences to organize and shape PE lessons in 11th and 12th grade of Gymnasium. Based on experience reports of teachers and students that take this seminar and with the help of observation units in school the reality of everyday PE lessons is captured. Students are introduced to a new tool measuring lesson content and movement tie. The aim of this call is to connect scientific knowledge with relevant aspects of lesson reality in the everyday life of a teacher.

Degree program: Movement & health diagnostics, prevention & intervention in the life-span, MSc.

This lecture explains central approaches and theories of health pedagogy and introduces concepts of the theory-based development and evaluation of intervention programs. Research projects are introduced that allow an insight into the scientific work in the field of health pedagogy.

Degree program: Movement & health diagnostics, prevention & intervention in the life-span, MSc.

In the scope of this course, students participate in current research project and gain practical experience from the scientific perspective outside of TUM.

Degree Program: all study programs

Im Kolloquium präsentieren Studierende und Doktoranden ihre Forschungsprojekte. Die Vorstellungen sind projektbasiert und stellen den Prozess der Arbeiten dar.

Over the course “Systematic observation of physical activity in the school setting” students learn to perform scientific practices (Generating a scientific thesis, evaluation of data) and to present their results in a scientific poster.