Jan Ellinger

Research Assistant, PhD Student

Phone: +

Uptown München-Campus D, Georg-Brauchle-Ring 60/62, Room R 202 (2nd floor)

Office hours: by arrangement (Email)

Email: jan.ellinger@tum.de



Since 09/2019 Research Assistant, PhD Student at the Technical University of Munich
10/20017 – 09/2019               Sport Science with emphasis on prevention, rehabilitation and psycho-social health (MA), Georg-August-University Göttingen
10/20013 – 09/2016    Applied Human Movement Sciences (BA), University Regensburg



  • Praktikumsseminar (Bereiche: "Gesundheitssport" und "Kommunikation/Medien & Forschung")
  • Ringvorlesung: Determinanten / Dimensionen von Gesundheit
  • Übung: Einführung in die Sportwissenschaft


Research activities

  • Learning in Nature - aspects of physical and mental health, learning motivation, learning outcomes and nature connectedness during Education Outside the Classroom

  • SINN-i: Active City Innovation and SINN-i: Go, Wanna Go! - Promotion of physical activity and health in communal settings in Germany, England, Japan, Spain and South Africa

  • Fit4Future: Development, implementation and evaluation of a nationwide prevention initiative in the settings of school and daycare center



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