Dr. Christoph Mall (neé. Becker)


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Uptown München-Campus D, Georg-Brauchle-Ring 60/62, Room R 213 (2nd floor)

Office hours: by arrangement (Email)

Email: christoph.mall@tum.de



Since 10/2013 Research Assistant at the Technical University of Munich
10/2007 – 03/2013    Diploma in Sport Science at the Technical University of Munich



  • Introduction to Sport Science – Exercise; Teaching Profession
  • Nature based Health: The Potential of Exercise in Green Spaces – Seminar and Exersice; BA Health Science


Research activities

  • Active use of urban nature and public open space to promote physical activity and mental health

      o Learning in Nature – aspects of physical and mental health, learning motivation, learning outcomes and nature connectedness during Education Outside the Classroom

      o SINN-i: Active City Innovation and SINN-i: Go, Wanna Go! – Promotion of physical activity and health in communal settings in Germany, England, Japan, Spain and South Africa

Compositional Data Analysis and Bayesian inference



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