State-certified mountain and ski guide

Brief information regarding the training

The training as a state-certified mountain and ski guide enables mountaineers who are able to demonstrate outstanding performances in all areas of alpinism to act as a commercially and internationally-recognized guide with teaching capabilities. Evidence for independent alpinistic excursions on rock, ice and in high, wintry mountain regions on skis, while sharing the motivation for this passion responsibly with guests are prerequisites for beginning this approximately three-year training which is essentially concerned with the mediation of diverse guidance techniques and the didactic-methodical preparation of special teaching activities. The demands for a leadership personality are high since one attempts to acquire the topmost-possible occupational qualifications and stands in international comparison.

Course of training


Issuance of regulations

The waiving of individual contents of the training is possible as a tested, specialized ski instructor (state-certified ski instructor, or with completion of an LG III suitability test from the DSLV)

For this, please apply with Ms. Weickert (see contact)

Our partners

Training as a state-certified mountain and ski guide has been delegated to the TU Munich by the German Mountain and Ski Guide Association (VDBS) and the German Alpine Club. The educational commission is equally comprised of members from the VDBS and the German Alpine Club. The teaching-team of the VDBS carries out this education on the basis of the APOFSpl and the decisions of the AK, provided that these have been approved by the TUM. The TUM exercises their responsibility as a supervisory functionary for the courses and organizes the state examination.


Registration for the training at:

Verband Deutscher Berg- und Skiführer e.V.
z.H. Chris Semmel
Gewerbepar 13
83670 Bad Heilbrunn

Head of training

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Gudrun Weikert


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