State-Certified Gymnastics Instructor

Brief information regarding the training

On behalf of the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture, the TU München carries out the national examination for gymnastic instructors. This training is carried out at private schools in Bavaria. More precise information on these schools can be found on their homepages:

Course of training

The training begins with an aptitude test which is already performed by the individual schools. At the end of the 4th semester, as well as at the end of the 6th semester, the participants must complete a national examination in order to be qualified as "state certified". Tested are the practice and theory of gymnastics, as well as the suitability for teaching. More precise information on the test and the formalities can be found in the examination regulations which is available to you as a download.

Prerequisites for participation

The participation prerequisites are different for each school. Information on this can be found on the homepages of the individual schools.The course of studies is divided into 6 semesters during the course of which knowledge is transmitted to you involving GYMNASTICS, DANCE, RHYTHMIC-MUSICAL TRAINING and THEORY.

In addition, at least one of the elective subjects of either "health education" or "sport and leisure-time activities" must be selected. Here, the Medau school plays an exception.

Tests to be completed:

1st part of the examination:

  • Theory of gymnastics
  • Gymnastic practice

2nd part of the examination:

  • Theory of gymnastics
  • Gymnastic practice

Suitability for teaching:

  • Teaching test with children or adolescents
  • Teaching test with adults

Elective subjects:

  • Theory and practice in in health education and/or
  • Theory and practice in sport and leisure-time activities

Important information:

Registration for the suitability examination as well as for the training takes place directly at the individual schools!

Our partners

Bode-Schule (the Bode school) (; Bode school can reflect on a very interesting history. Today it has the status of a state-certified vocational school for gymnastics which is carried by "Public Service Teaching Society GmbH". The vocational training offered by the Bode School in theory and practice is always kept up to date. A guarantee for this is an exceptional and smoothly-operating team of teachers.

Kleine-Nestler-Schule (the small Nestler school) (; small Nestler school has the status of a state-certified vocational school for gymnastics. With its highly-qualified team of teachers, practice and theory are transmitted very well in a collegial and motivating atmosphere.

Medau-Schule (the Medau school) (; Medau school offers a dual training as a physiotherapist and a gymnastics instructor. The training qualifies participants as specialists for movement from the intensive ward to the stage.


Examination regulations