Freelance physical-education teachers

Freelance physical-education teachers are generally active in the field of extracurricular sports. Among other things, they find employment with sport clubs and sport-trade associations, larger businesses, at local facilities, with commercial leisure time and fitness centres, in prevention and rehabilitation-facilities, in the tourism industry, in private schools, with private sport-suppliers, etc. Freelance physical-education teachers can also work as independent entrepreneurs in the occupational fields noted above. In Bavaria, it is not possible for them to work fulltime in the public school system, but they can nevertheless fulfil time-limited instruction contracts. State approved freelance physical-education teachers are presently able to obtain training at the State Institute for the Education of specialist teachers in Munich to receive a degree as a specialist in sport and communication technology with which they can apply for a school position.

Specialized physical education teacher

Freelance, specialized physical education teachers are "state approved" and thereby consequently demonstrate a recognized training. The training for specialized physical education teachers is carried out in cooperation with such different institutions as the German ski instructor association (DLSV) or gymnastics schools. The following courses of training as a "specialized physical education teacher" are available at our faculty:

  • State approved ski instructor
  • State approved snowboard instructor
  • State approved mountain and ski guide
  • State approved gymnastics teacher

Biological laboratory technician

Essential tasks of biological laboratory technicians include the observation and control of the courses of experiments, and the evaluation of the results. They carry out investigations on animals, plants, micro-organisms and cell-cultures according to the instructions of scientists.

Biological laboratory technicians works in medical and biological research, in applied medicine and in the public health system. In industry, for example, they are active for pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers, for food manufacturers and for companies which produce biotechnical products. In addition, they can also be active in hospitals.

The chair for preventive paediatrics, together with the education-centre for non-academic vocational training of the TUM (auTUM), provide you with the training to become a biological laboratory technician. For further The auTUM team will gladly provide you with more information.