Student Advisory Office

Since the end of April 2020, the Department of Sports and Health Sciences has eased the strict prohibition of unauthorized entries for the buildings on Georg-Brauchle-Ring and the TUM Campus in the Olympic Park in accordance with the decision of the TUM University Executive Board. As far as possible, presence operation will be carried out in accordance with the applicable Protection against Infection Act and the guidelines of the University of Bavaria e. V. on basis of the Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance as well as the specifications of the TUM University Executive Board.

Nevertheless, the faculty management asks that public traffic is still to be avoided. Appointments and communication will continue to be carried out via telephone contact or video conferences, which have now been tried and tested. For the time being, there will be no attendance and telephone consultation hours in the summer semester 2021. All questions will be answered and clarified via mail contact.

Furthermore, the following binding rules of conduct apply:

  • Social Distancing: Keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres to other people, no shaking hands, please use appropriate mouth and nose protection for face-to-face contacts.
  • Hygiene: Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Do not share objects with other people; clean keyboards, telephones and smartphones regularly.

Students who would like to hand in their theses should hand them in digitally. Instructions for uploading are available. Please note that the digital submission is only accepted subject to the later submission of the thesis in the usual format. Printed theses can be dropped centrally into the white mailbox in the entrance area of Campus D (address: Georg-Brauchle-Ring 62) or sent to the faculty by mail. Please refer to the information on the website of the Examination Office regarding the requirements for the submission of admission papers.

Students can find further information on the teaching operations on the individual course pages.

General Information

The student advisory office of the TUM Department of Sports and Health Sciences is available to all students and students interested in the Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences. We provide advise for questions relating to study and study entry.

We kindly ask you to send all inquiries concerning the studies of the Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences to our central e-mail address, stating your course of studies, the student's number and specific questions


For data protection purposes, students are requested to use only their own TUM e-mail address when communicating with the university institutions. Your email will be assigned to the responsible employees and you will receive an answer within three working days.

Please refrain from sending duplicate and multiple requests to the central e-mail address and the personal e-mail addresses of the employees, as these will lead to increased work and coordination costs.

Contact address
Student Advisory Service of the Department of Sport and Health Sciences
Georg-Brauchle-Ring 62 / Campus D
Room R 604 (6th floor)
80992 München
Telephone: +

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Team: Student Advisory Service

Dipl.-Sportwiss. (Univ.) Stephanie Räbiger 

Room: R 620 (Georg-Brauchle-Ring 62, 6th floor)
Telephone: +

Open consultation hours (personal, without registration): Unfortunately, no personal consultation hours are possible at present

Phone: Mon, 13:00-15:00 am.

Dipl. Soz.-Wiss Annette Bauer

Office Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Room: R 620 (Georg-Brauchle-Ring 62, 6th floor)
Telephone: +

Open consultation hours (personal, without registration): Unfortunately, no personal consultation hours are possible at present

Phone: Wed, 08:00-10:00 am.

Further consultations please only by personal agreement (e-mail).

Responsible for the courses:

  • B.Sc. Sport Science
  • B.Sc. Health Science
  • M.Sc. Health Science - Prevention and Health Promotion
  • M.Sc. Sport and Exercise Science

Other responsibilities:

  • Recognition of Internships for Bachelor courses
  • Recognition of Credits earned as part of a Foreign Exchange Program ERASMUS

Julia Blumenstiel, M.A. 

Responsible for:            

  • Teaching profession Gymnasium (Teaching subject Sports)
  • Teaching profession Realschule (Teaching subject Sports)
  • Teaching profession Elementary and Middle School (Teaching subject Sports)
  • Teaching profession GS, MS (basic qualification sports)
  • Teaching profession Elementary School (Didactic subject Sports)
  • Teaching profession Middle School(Didactic subject sports)

Other responsibilities:

  • Recognition of internships at clubs
  • Examination of applications for the recognition of intermediate consumption

Office Days: Monday, Tuesday
Room: R 620 (Georg-Brauchle-Ring 62, 6th floor)
Phone: +
Open office hours: Mo 13.30-15.00, Tue 10.00-12.00 please contact us for further counseling appointments

You can find the general study advice for the courses Bachelor and Master of Education (Berufsbildung, Naturwissenschaftliche Bildung) at the TUM School of Education; In these courses, Mrs. Schüller only advises on the teaching subject sports, and is also a contact person for recognition applications.

Claudia Gerstberger

Phone: +

Bachelor/Master/Lehramt in general:

  • Mateja Jakovcic
  • Alexander Miesgang
  • Max Schüßler
  • Anna Montefiore Köhler
  • Clara Schlagowski

Room: R 620 (Georg-Brauchle-Ring 62, 6th floor)
Telephone: +

Nikolaus Hawranek for the didactic subject sports
Tanja Vogl for the didactic subject sports for Middle School (open office hours: Thu: 12 - 1 p.m.)

Andrea Eisenhut

Phone: +