Studies at the Department of Sport and Health Sciences of the Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich, with its 14 faculties, trains a total of approximately 40,000 students in 161 different courses of studies. The Department of Sport and Health Sciences is one of these 14 faculties. It represents a southern German "counterpart" to Cologne's sport college and to the sport-scientific faculty at the University of Leipzig. 

The study courses offered in our department are strongly science-oriented. The TUM offers two German-taught Bachelor of Science degrees in "Sports Science" and "Health Science", two English-taught Master of Science programs "Sport and Exercise Science" and "Health Science - Prevention and Health Promotion" as well as various teacher training courses.

University of excellence

The TUM is among one of Germany's best universities. As one of the top three universities, it is promoted in the framework of the Initiative for Excellence of the German Federal Government and the Federal States. Also the relevant rankings underscore this position: No. 1 in the research ranking of the Centre for Higher-Education (Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung; CHE), No. 1 in the FOCUS university ranking. Top performance has tradition in the 1868 established university. Six Nobel laureates and such renowned inventors as Carl von Linden, Rudolf Diesel, Claude Dornier, Oskar von Miller and Willy Messerschmitt studied here.