We are pleased that you are interested in the topic of doctoral studies at the Department of Health and Sport Sciences at the TUM School of Medicine and Health. At our Department, individuals with an above-average university degree can pursue a doctorate in one of the diverse research areas Doctoral candidates at the Department usually pursue the academic degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.) or Doctor of Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.). However, the doctoral program "Medical Life Science and Technology (Ph. D.)" is also open to them, as well as the doctoral programs "Translational Medicine" or the path to the Dr. med. (dent.), if proof of medical studies can be provided. For all doctoral candidates at TUM, an additional qualification within the framework of the Graduate School or the Graduate Center Medicine and Health is obligatory. Elements of the qualification of the TUM Graduate School and the Graduate Center of Medicine and Health thus ensure a structured doctoral process.

For more general questions about pursuing a doctorate at the department, please feel free to contact:


For questions about the doctoral programs, contact the respective program coordinators or steering board heads:

Behavioral and Social Sciences (Dr. phil.)

Experimental Medicine and Health (Dr. rer. nat.)

Medical Life Science and Technology (Ph. D.)

Medizinische Promotion (Dr. med. (dent.))

Translational Medicine (Dr. med. sci.)