Welcome to the pages of the Core Facility "Prevention Center"

Welcome to the pages of the Core Facility "Prevention Center". The Prevention Center is divided into the three Core-Labs "Human Physiology & Prevention Lab", "Molecular Physiology Lab" and the "Living Lab". In addition, the Teaching and Learning Lab is located there for the education of our students.

The three core labs provide ideal conditions for a wide variety of studies in the areas of exercise, stress and lifestyle and their effects on metabolism and the cardiovascular system.

This creates the ideal basis for basic research as well as for larger-scale lifestyle intervention studies.

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Dr. Gabi Kastenmüller, Helmholtz Munich

Prof. Dr. Henning Wackerhage, Head of the Associate Professorship of Exercise Biology

The Core Facility introduces itself: Dr. Fabian Stöcker explains the Core Facility's goals and portfolio