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New Paper - Physiological extremes of the human blood metabolome

Sport- und Gesundheitswissenschaften, TUSPFSP-newscat-exercisebiology |

PLS-DA score plot showing baseline and post-exercise serum metabolite profiles.
MSc Daniela Schranner (PhD at Exercise Biology, TUM)

Human metabolism is highly variable. At one end of the spectrum, defects of enzymes, transporters, and metabolic regulation result in metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus or inborn errors of metabolism. At the other end of the spectrum, favorable genetics and years of training combine to result in physiologically extreme forms of metabolism in athletes. Here, we investigated how the highly glycolytic metabolism of sprinters, highly oxidative metabolism of endurance athletes, and highly anabolic metabolism of natural bodybuilders affect their serum metabolome at rest and after a bout of exercise to exhaustion.

If you want to read more, the full-text you will find here.

The Exercise biology Team thanks all collaborators for their great work and exspecially Daniela Schranner (PhD), who has done the main work in the lab as well as in writing.