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“Mediators of Youthfulness in Skeletal Muscle” - Kevin Murach will hold the keynote talk at the upcoming 16th Munich Muscle Meeting

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Kevin Murach, University of Arkansas

We are delighted to invite you to the 16th Munich Muscle Meeting on March 27th (3:00 – 5:00 pm). This time Dr. Kevin Murach, one of the rising stars in muscle research, will give the keynote lecture on “Mediators of Youthfulness in Skeletal Muscle”.

In the last years Kevin established the Molecular Muscle Mass Regulation Laboratory. He and his team focus on the exercise-responsive molecular pathways through which old muscle can become young again. He said understanding the mechanisms by which exercise can improve muscle health with aging could significantly impact the quality of life of many people, as well as make a positive economic impact via reduced healthcare costs.

"Skeletal muscle becomes smaller and weaker as aging progresses," he said. "The loss of muscle size and strength with age is problematic, as it contributes to a loss of independence, reduced quality of life and mortality. Exercise is a powerful countermeasure against the negative effects of aging and has beneficial effects in every system of the body."

The meeting will be organized by Maxi Saller (Muskuloskelettales Universitätszentrum München; LMU) and Ken Dyar (Hemholtz Center Munich). If you are interested in Kevin´s talk and other talks than visit the upcoming 16th Munich Muscle Meeting at the LMU (St Vinzenz Haus, see here). The final program you will find here.

If you want to participate, please use the this link.