After concluding the first year of their studies, students can also study from three to twelve months at one of our European partner universities under the ERASMUS-exchange program. With the beginning of the new ERASMUS+ Program, students can also continue their Bachelor as well as Master's degrees in foreign countries and also receive financial support.

The Erasmus application period for the academic year 2022/2023 is from December 01, 2021 to January 13, 2022, 12 o'clock noon (except for medicine).

Registration on the MoveON-Bewerbungsportal is required. There you will find the new application forms Application for Erasmus+ SMS, Switzerland - SEMP Studies, Double Degree and Departmental Program 2022/23. Please register on the MoveON application portal with your TUM email address including first and last name (e.g.

The selection period ends mid February, you will be contacted by mail. Selection criteria:

  1. Convincing motivational letter (why are you preferring those universities, why are you the perfect candidate?)
  2. 2. Language knowledge
  3. 3. Academic progress
  4. 4. Marks

Please note:

  1. An Erasmus funding is only possible, if a majority of courses can be recognized at the Department SG.
  2. You need an advanced level in the language of instruction (at least B1) and basic level (one course) in the national language before leaving for your exchange semester.
  3. Courses of at least 15 to 20 credits should be taken at the host university. In doing so, 60% of the ECTs and courses must be completed at the nominated faculty.

The recognition sheet needs not to be drawn up until after the application phase, when it is clear for which university you have been selected.


Academic achievements can be credited, provided that they are evaluated equivalently and that there are no significant differences in terms of the competencies acquired, see Information on the Recognition of Credits.

Students who wish to receive credit for achievements they will take during their stay abroad can apply for this at the Student Advisory Office prior to their stay abroad.

It is the student's responsibility to find out which modules at the host university are equivalent to the modules at TUM. Please make a suitable limited preselection of the corresponding modules in the form for the equivalence agreement after the host university has accepted your application and send it (incl. English or German module descriptions, e.g. as a link) to

If clarification is needed, the study advisor will contact you and, if necessary, arrange a personal appointment. Please note that processing may take 2-3 weeks.

Here you will find an overview list of previously recognized achievements from your semester abroad. Please note that this list is not binding. Modules and courses can always change (or do not take place). A professional check by the study advisor is always required before the semester abroad!

After the modules have been discussed with the advisor, please fill out the learning agreement and have it signed by the study abroad representative, Ms. Gabi Fried.


Students must enter Ms. Fried (signature) as the responsible person in the learning agreement. To obtain a signature and discuss changes, students must contact Ms. Fried.


You can have your achievements that you have passed and previously recorded in the Equivalency Agreement recognized (this does not happen automatically!). To do so, submit the form Application for Recognition signed by you as well as your proof of performance from the foreign university (e.g. transcript of records) to the Student Advisory Service within 35 days after your return. Please come with the documents (the originals) to the office hours of the Student Advisory Service.

The currently available language course at the TUM can be found on the page of the TUM-language center.