Compatibility of Family and Studies/Occupation

Deadline for early course registration


The applications for early course registration for the winter term 2021/22 must be submitted until August 16th, 2021. Incoming students registering for their first term can hand in the application until October 11th, 2021.

Early registration is only available for classes of that specific semester. Please submit the applications as PDF files. (For more information, please contact

Support and consultation for students with children

If you have any questions about your studies with a child or about studying during pregnancy, you can get advice from the diversity officer and information about offers for family-friendly studying at the faculty and the TUM in general.

Early course registration for parents

Since the summer semester of 2016, the TUM Department of Sport and Health Sciences has been offering students who are pregnant and students with children (a child) the chance of early registration for their courses. A prerequisite to do so demands the submission of relevant documentation (verification of the pregnancy by a physician or the birth certificate of the child/children).

This preferential selection should make it possible to plan and organize the course of studies better in combination with family duties. In addition, it should enable you to limit the interruptions in your course of studies which have already taken place and to avoid as far as possible delays in the event of foreseeable interruptions (e.g., maternity periods).

Application for early course registration - Form

Please send your application, along with the relevant documentation directly to Ms. Andrea Göttler (Andrea.Goettler(at)

Services for employees and students with children

TUM Family

The Equal Opportunity Office at the Technical University in Munich offers TUM Family services, a comprehensive information/consultation initiative regarding the compatibility of family and work/studies.

For further information, visit Services for Families.

KidsBox - the mobile nursery

All department members can now access the KidsBox, a mobile nursery. Parents now have the opportunity to take their children with them during unexpected unsupervised periods, illness or off-peak hours, to finish important work or to attend appointments. Furthermore, the KidsBox can be used during internal events or conferences. This is another step towards the compatibility of family and work/studies, which the Department of Sport and Health Sciences continually strives to ensure.

The KidsBox includes:

  • Toys, books and painting supplies for babies and kids up to primary school
  • Travel cot that can be used as a playpen
  • Mattress and gym matte
  • Press fit seat for children up to 15 Kg
  • Table and chair
  • A first aid kit for minor emergencies and a disinfectant

The KidsBox is fully mobile and can be easily transported to other rooms or buildings. The KidBox can be lent out after registration via phone or email at room L616, Campus D. Before borrowing the KidsBox, please inform yourself regarding the User Guidelines.

Flexible child care in day-to-day activities

We promote family-friendly educational and working conditions, and offer our students and staff members flexible child care upon request for events, conferences, meetings or occupational appointments outside of the regular child-care times. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, register prior to the event with the representative for diversity of the department. In addition, you can also contact the TUM.Family.

Holiday child care – TUM Children's Sport and Games Camp

In cooperation with the TUM.Family, we offer our Children's Sport and Games Camp twice a year for children between the ages of 6 and 14 years.


With this program, the Department of Sport and Health Sciences offers children and juveniles who are suffering from chronic illnesses, as well as their siblings, an opportunity to participate in sport and movement, and thereby also promote their health, quality of life and their self-confidence. The program was intentionally scheduled during the summer holidays. More information on the kidsTUMove homepage


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