Diversity in studying and teaching

Workshop "Diversity in studying and teaching"

In celebration of the Diversity Day 2019 of the "Diversity Charta", the faculty organized the event "Diversity in studying and teaching". In collaboration with ProLehre, we offered a workshop for both students and teachers to reflect on the dimensions of diversity in university settings. Participants had the opportunity discuss their perspectives as students or teachers and develop possible solutions to deal with differences. 

Through presentations and group work, students, teachers and PhD candidates gathered ideas on the characteristics and relevance of diversity. This was followed by further discussions on its occurrence in university life and the challenge of addressing the heterogeneity of students in Sport and Health Sciences. Furthermore, tips and methods for designing and implementing diversity-appropriate teaching were developed and discussed. By the end of the event, many ideas were gathered, leading up to a feedback round summarizing current challenges and areas of improvement. 

The aim of the event was to reflect on how different aspects of diversity might occur in daily life and how to address them as a student or teacher. It was equally important to find practicable solutions to current problem, be it in lectures or in university life.
More information on topics and results of the event as well as further links can be found in the slide report of the workshop.

Contact persons

Contact person ProLehre

Elvira Cyranka, elvira.cyranka@prolehre.tum.de

Elvira Cyranka is the contact person at ProLehre for the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences regarding didactic and methodical enquiries. Furthermore, we would be happy to inform you about ProLehre training courses on Gender and Diversity.

Contact person for Gender and Diversity

Andrea Goettler, andrea.goettler@tum.de

The Diversity Officer of the faculty answers questions about diversity for employees and students. Please, feel free to seek contact about ideas or further suggestions.