Carrer advancement of junior researchers

The promotion of equal opportunity is a central concern of our department. Whereas women and men are equally reflected in the group of doctoral students, women are less represented in higher positions, especially among the professorships. An explicit goal of the department is therefore to promote postdoctoral researchers, in order to motivate up-and-coming female scientists to make their academic potential available for the future.

The faculty offers an individual consultation and funding opportunities to support junior scientists and to encourage, especially, female scientists in planning and developing their academic career. The faculty offers funding programmes to support young researchers and promote gender equality, which are based on the faculty’s Diversity-Guidelines.

Furthermore, the faculty aims to encourage gender- and diversity-sensitive research and to improve the compatibility of family and career for employees and students. Please refer to the Diversity Officer of the faculty for more information on funding programmes young researchers.

Coaching and support at the TUM.Diversity – Equal Opportunity Office

The Gender Equality Office supports the implementation of the gender equality mainstreaming with various measures, for example by promoting outstanding junior female scientists. In addition,the TUM.Diversity programme offers individual coaching for doctoral candidates, postdoctoral-researchers and science management staff for career planning and realisation.

For more information, please visit the website of the Equal Opportunity Office.

Funding for international conferences

Young female researchers (doctoral candidates and post-doctoral researchers) of the Department for Sport and Health Sciences can apply for travel grants to international academic congresses and conferences.

Please find more information in the funding announcement.

Final stage PhD funding

The Department of Sports and Health Sciences awards funding to highly qualified female doctoral candidates who are about to graduate and have no ongoing funding. The department would like to support doctoral candidates with unforeseen gaps in funding and encourage their successful PhD qualification.

For details, please refer to the PhD funding announcement.

Postdoc programme

In order to promote the development of female scientific graduates, the faculty for Sport and Health Sciences has initiated the "post-doctorate program". Goal of this program is to motivate qualified, up-and-coming graduates to financially conclude their studies and to prepare them financially in order to induce them to carry this out, to prepare, continue or conclude their post-doctoral qualification.

Please find more information in the postdoc-programme funding announcement.