Working and studying without barriers

The diversity officer will be happy to advise and support you with any questions and problems that arise due to a disability or chronic illness. In additon, you can also refer to the TUM Office for Disabled and Chronically Ill Students.

The Munich Student Union offers a broad range of support which aims to give students with a disability or chronic illness equal and independent access to university education and student life. More Information can be found on their websites: Studying with a disability .

Accommodating Disabilities during Examinations

The TUM General Academic and Examination Regulations state that the type and extent of a disability should be taken into consideration during examinations. Affected students can petition the examination committee of their respective school or college to arrange special accommodations.

The application form and more information can be found on the website “Accommodating Disabilities during Examinations” and on the website of the Board of Examiners.

Early course registration

The faculty offers early course registration in order to remove barriers when studying with a disability or chronic illness. This preferential selection should make it possible to plan and organise the course of studies better in combination with predictable times absent, for example regular doctor’s visits or hospital stays.

For the application, please include a statement explaining how early course registration could compensate for disadvantages arising due to your disability or chronic illness. Please provide a medical certificate with your application.

The deadlines for early registrations can be found on the page of Compatibility of Family and Studies/Occupation. Please submit your application including the statement and medical certificate until one week prior to the deadline, to ensure a review of your application before the deadline ends. Please send the application, along with the relevant documentation (medical certificate, letter of application with signature) as a PDF directly to the diversity officer.

Application for early course registration


To apply for the early course registration for the winter term 2020/21, please send an email to and If possible please attach your preferred courses to your email. You do not have to resend your personal documents (medical reports) if you have used this service before.

You will be informed by the Studiendekanat when the registration for the winter term is available.