Free elective module "kidsTUMove exercise program for children and adolescents with chronic diseases"

Within the project kidsTUMove, the Department of Sport and Health Sciences offers the following free elective module (4 SWS - partly in block courses / 6 credits):


"kidsTUMove - physical activity program for children and adolescents with chronic diseases"


1. Organization and implementation of a kidsTUMove summer camp (summer holidays) and winter camp (Faschingsferien).

2. Planning, design, and implementation of target group-related movement, nutrition, and motivation offers.

3. Measurement of sports motor skills and abilities, measurement of quality of life, scientific evaluation of the data obtained.

4. Preparation and follow-up of the camp in terms of organization, content, and science.

5. Deepened application-related knowledge of medical and behavioral knowledge in the context of this project.

This module is recommended from the 2nd/4th semester. Although it is located in the Bachelor's program, it can also be taken by students of a teaching degree on a voluntary basis (or after consultation).

The elective module is currently included in the curriculum of B.Sc. Sport Science and B.Sc.Health Science.

Contact: Christina Sitzberger