Welcome to the Chair of Sport and Health Management

What makes individuals adopt a healthy lifestyle and purchase physical activity- and health-related products and services that help them reach their goals? We provide answers to this question and identify win-win-situations in which financial success and health benefits complement each other.


The article entitled “A conceptual model and research agenda for bidding, planning and delivering major sport events that lever human rights” by David McGillivray, Michael B. Edwards, Ian Brittain, Jason Bocarro, and Joerg Koenigstorfer proposes a framework for how progressive... [more]

The inherent meaning of food is closely linked to the questions of why individuals consume food, what contextual factors determine access to food, and what the effects of food intake are. The purpose of the research paper, entitled “Exploring the meaning of growing food in... [more]

Students are required to think about the future perspectives and possible fields of work at an early stage. Furthermore, many students aim to have a fluent transition from their studies to their first job. Therefore, the Seminar on Sport- and Health Management in Practice answers... [more]

Are you interested in sponsorship in sport, culture, and social causes? And would you like to attend an online course with many application examples that does not require classroom attendance? [more]

Attending congresses keeps you up-to-date with regard to current topics in sport management. During the summer term 2019, the following congresses will take place in the field of sport management in Germany: [more]