Welcome to the Chair of Sport and Health Management

What makes individuals adopt a healthy lifestyle and purchase physical activity- and health-related products and services that help them reach their goals? We provide answers to this question and identify win-win-situations in which financial success and health benefits complement each other.


Our partner university Coventry University is inviting applications from suitably-qualified graduates for two fully-funded PhD studentship within the Centre for Business in Society as well as the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations to research on the impact of the... [more]

Violations of human rights have been reported in host countries of mega-sport events. Yet, the severity of violations differs between hosts. The article „Human rights issues in host countries of the Olympic Games and resulting differences in consumer evaluations“, authored by... [more]

Are you interested in sponsorship in sport, culture, and social causes? And would you like to attend an online course with many application examples that does not require classroom attendance? [more]

Many women are dissatisfied with their bodies and some even engage in unhealthy practices. such as eating disorders, to alter the appearance. In the article entitled “Appearance comparisons and eating pathology: A moderated serial mediation analysis exploring body image... [more]

The research article entitled “Eating disorders, embodiment, and yoga: A conceptual overview,“ that Iris Perey authored in collaboration with Professor Catherine Cook-Cottone from the University at Buffalo (NY), presents an overview of the relation between yoga, embodiment, and... [more]