Winterschool 2021 for PhD students - anniversary edition for the first time digital

The Winter School of the Department of Sports and Health Sciences celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. However, skis, snowboards and toboggans had to stay at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of the Darmstadt House in Hirschegg in Kleinwalsertal, PhD students met digitally for the first time via Zoom from March 22 to 25 for the Winter School 2021.

This year's event was filled with a variety of informative presentations on research topics, ideas and visions from biomedical measurements, education and training to food security, health issues or the redesign of the healthcare system. But active breaks in front of the screens were not to be missed either.

With the support of Prof. Dr. Yolanda Demetriou (Assistant Professorship of Education Science in Sport and Health), Prof. Dr. Karsten Köhler (Assistant Professorship of Exercise, Nutrition and Health), Prof. Dr. Henning Wackerhage (Associate Professorship of Exercise Biology), PD Dr. Katharina Crepaz (Chair of Sociology of Diversity) and PD Dr. Jan Müller (Chair of Preventive Pediatrics) as tutors, who enriched the multifaceted discussions, an exchange about research questions as well as methodological approaches was practiced. 16 of the PhD students took the opportunity to present their PhD topic to the plenum and to discuss open questions.

In addition, the participants had the opportunity to take part in a peer review process of one of three submitted manuscripts of other PhD students. Guided by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beckmann (Chair of Sports Psychology), Dr. Sabine Kesting (Chair of Preventive Pediatrics) and Dr. Otto Kolbinger (Chair of Performance Analysis and Sports Informatics), this collaborative analysis provided valuable insights into this part of a publication process.

In an interactive workshop on "Good Scientific Practice", the PhD students were challenged to critically discuss their own PhD path in terms of the skills and tools used in a research process. From "Ghost Authorship" and "Salami Slicing" to "Open Science" and "Reproducible Science", many supports, tools and skills around scientific practice were addressed and lively discussed.

The keynote of the event was given by Prof. Dr. Daniel Erlacher from the Institute of Sport Science at the University of Bern. His talk on motor learning in lucid dreaming was one of the highlights of this year's Winter School. He was not only able to provide interesting insights into his field of research, but also managed to inspire the PhD students to continue on their way in the open discussion that followed.

The program was rounded off by an informative presentation by the PhD student spokesperson Andrea Göttler about, among other things, the composition of the TUM Graduate School as well as possibilities for financing international stays abroad. She was supported by Prof. Dr. Joachim Hermsdörfer, spokesperson of the Department's Graduate Center and head of the Chair of Human Movement Science.

Instead of cozy cottage evenings, the doctoral students spent convivial virtual evenings in front of the screens, which allowed them to get in touch with each other outside of the lectures. Insights into dream holiday destinations after COVID-19, favorite foods, but also hobbies and music tastes were shared.

All in all, the four intensive days of this year's Winter School provided a digital space to get to know other PhD students, to exchange ideas and questions, but also research-related problems. Despite being held virtually, the participants were able to connect with many like-minded people and share experiences on the way to a PhD. The PhD students would like to thank the organizers around PD Dr. Felix Ehrlenspiel and Ina Brüngel from the Department's Graduate Center.


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Text: Romy Schwaiger/Group D of the Winter School (Tina Schwender, Veit Kraft, Daniel Lindel, Sebastian Newrzella)
Screenshots: Group D of the Winter School (Tina Schwender, Veit Kraft, Daniel Lindel, Sebastian Newrzella)