Start of the cooperative research project SASAT

We are pleased to inform you about our new two-year cooperative research project with the Munich-based software and sensor technology company “elmatrix gmbH“. Within this project, a telemonitoring system for the evaluation of rehabilitation should be developed. The demand for therapy sessions in Germany is significantly higher than their availability due to the shortage of skilled workers. Missing individual therapy sessions are frequently compensated by group therapy, which often leads to a reduced quality in rehabilitation. In addition, inpatient therapy services are kept to a minimum due to the increased cost pressure. Therefore, monitoring the individual healing process in the clinical setting and at the patient's home environment becomes more and more difficult. With the help of a telemonitoring system, the supervision of the rehabilitation process might be easier and more efficient.

The chair of conservative and rehabilitative orthopedics will contribute its experience in the field of orthopedic rehabilitation research to evaluate the product in the clinical setting of the Medical Park Bad Wiessee. The scientific studies are conducted as part of a doctorate. For this purpose, we welcome again Eva Putz (M.Sc.) at our chair! She has gained a lot of experience in clinical biomechanics during her four years as a student and research assistant at the chair. Additionally, she has a great expertise in the field of orthopedic rehabilitation due to her 10 years of work as a sportsphysiotherapist.

Welcome back Evi!