Portraits of foreign TUM students: Frigga Loeck from the University of Copenhagen


The TU Munich stands for cosmopolitanism and international scientific exchange. Through programmes such as Erasmus+, TUMexchange and ATHENS, as well as additional scholarships, the TUM Global & Alumni Office offers students a wide range of opportunities to study abroad. With the Erasmus+ programme, TUM enables around 1,000 students per year to study abroad in 32 European countries.

A large number of students from the Department of Sport and Health Sciences also dare to go abroad to study, learn a new language as well as the country-specific culture, make new friends and gain experience.

In cooperation with the Department's International Affairs Department headed by Prof. Dr. Karsten Köhler and Gabriele Fried, the International Affairs Delegate, a series of profiles and a self-made video will introduce TUM students from the Department who are studying abroad.

This time: Frigga Loeck from the University of Copenhagen, who is studying Sports Sciences at the Department SG as part of a semester abroad and spent the summer semester 2021 in Munich.


Name: Frigga Loeck

Age: 24 years

What country are you from? Denmark, but I grew up in Germany.

Which degree programme are you studying at TUM? Bachelor of Science in Sports Sciences

Current semester: 8th semester

At which university abroad do you normally study? University of Copenhagen

Is this university a partner university of TUM? Yes

When did you start studying abroad? Easter 2021

How long did your study abroad last? Until the end of the summer semester 2021

Why did you decide to study abroad? To get to know the southern German culture and to try out studying in German.

Why did you choose this university? The University of Copenhagen has a cooperation with TUM. I also like the mountains.

What do you miss most about your home country or your home university? I miss my flatmates, fellow students and playing handball.

Did you learn anything during your stay (e.g. food, tradition, skills) that you will take home with you? How to make cheese spaetzle and dumplings and the openness of the people.  

Were there any particular challenges you had to overcome during the COVID-19 pandemic with regard to your study abroad? It was much more difficult to meet new people or even make friends.



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Text: Romy Schwaiger
Video: Frigga Loeck