New publication in the Journal "Life"

Robert Schleip worked together with a team of researchers from the Charité in Berlin. Der Artikel ‘Does the Calcaneus Serve as Hypomochlion within the lower Limb by a Myofascial Connection? – A Systematic Review’ was published in the Journal "Life":


(1) Background: Clinical approaches have depicted interconnectivity between the Achilles tendon and the plantar fascia. This concept has been applied in rehabilitation, prevention, and in conservative management plans, yet potential anatomical and histological connection is not fully understood. (2) Objective: To explore the possible explanation that the calcaneus acts as a hypomochlion. (3) Methods: 2 databases (Pubmed and Livivo) were searched and studies, including those that examined the relationship of the calcaneus to the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia and its biomechanical role. The included studies highlighted either the anatomical, histological, or biomechanical aspect of the lower limb. (4) Results: Seventeen studies were included. Some studies depicted an anatomical connection that slowly declines with age. Others mention a histological similarity and continuity via the paratenon, while a few papers have brought forward mechanical reasoning. (5) Conclusion: The concept of the calcaneus acting as a fulcrum in the lower limb can partially be supported by anatomical, histological, and biomechanical concepts. Despite the plethora of research, a comprehensive understanding is yet to be investigated. Further research exploring the precise interaction is necessary.