Welcome at the Chair of Exercise Biology


Diesen Fragen ging die Radktion von BRalpha nach. Nicht ohne Grund bezeichnen manche die Sportwissenschaften als „verkanntes“ Studienfach – und das nicht nur wegen der vergleichbar kleinen Fachschaften. Dass man für ein sportwissenschaftliches Studium schon einigermaßen sportlich... [more]

Skeletal muscle is not only a popular topic in the gyms and football clubs of Munich. There is also a large skeletal muscle research community that researches everything from muscle development, muscle disease, muscle ageing to muscles in athletes. Since 2016, the Munich muscle... [more]

Mirco RNAs are small nucleotides of 19-23 base pairs. They function as natural negative regulators of mRNA expression. Beneath local effects, they are further secreted into the blood stream and have therefore systemic effects on other tissues. Micro RNAs are expressed specifically... [more]

Our PhD student Fakhreddin Yaghoob Nezhad recently published his first paper for his PhD thesis at the Chair of Exercise Biology. We know that our endurance capacity is inherited by ~50%. In order to identify endurance-related candidate genes, we conducted a systematic review to... [more]

Phd student Sander Verbrugge presented his current work at the academic annual celebration of the Department of Sport and Health Sciences. His talk illustrated his latest paper on “Genes whose gain or loss-of-function increases skeletal muscle mass in mice”. Congratulations to... [more]