TUM City-Campus

Welcome to the TUM city campus, located in the heart of Munich. The participants of the 23rd University Day of the German Society of Sport Science will meet here from September 13 - 15, 2017 to obtain a varied insight into the current developments of the German sports sciences and to have a chance to interact in their respective fields.

The TUM is one of the best universities in Europe. It is characterized by excellence in research and teaching, interdisciplinarity and talent promotion. In addition, there are strong alliances with businesses and other scientific institutions around the world. The TUM extends to three major sites in Bavaria: Munich, Garching and Weihenstephan. Located here are the 13 faculties and the major research facilities of the university.

The TUM at a glance

  • 14 departments
  • 9,846 employees
  • 3 integrative Research Centers
  • 172 courses of study
  • 6 Scientific Central Institutes
  • 411 Buildings

40,124 Students are enrolled at the TUM for the WS 2016/17. 24% of them come from abroad.

2,535 Students are enrolled at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences (SG) for the WS 2016/17.

528 Professors teach and perform research at the TUM. The Honorary/Distinguished Professors complement this professorial staff.

13 Professors teach and perform research at the SG faculty. 5 Secondary staff members and 2 honorary professors complement this professorial staff.

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